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The KA24DER Mission

KA24DER.com Supercharger KitKA24DER.com started out as a vision after numerous years of experience working with and modifying KA24DE engines. Through the years they built and drove different turbo setups – from daily driven all the way to a weekend only race car. But like most 240sx turbo owners, they exhausted all of their options after realizing you can only go so far without making compromises. This is where the idea of a roots supercharger, being the Eaton M62 from a Nissan Xterra, came into play because of its inherent ability to deliver usable horsepower and torque. So the two joined forces by developing an affordable kit, where quality and performance isn't sacrificed, with the goal in mind to bring that fun back into the 240sx that owners miss the most.

The SuperchargeD Advantage

KA24DER.com Adapter Plate

Supercharger vs. Turbo
There are many things one should consider when deciding what is the right setup for their application. First off, peak HP and TQ isn't everything. The M62 superchargers yield usable power that is noticeable all throughout the powerband, but especially at low to mid range RPM's. This is due to to inherent properties and efficiency of the Eaton M62 roots-style supercharger and 2.4L KA24DE motor combined together.

Here are a couple selling points to put it in perspective:

  • Powerband is similar to a small stock V8 but much cheaper
  • Yields more power and torque down low compared to small, medium and large turbo setups
  • Associated parts are readily available and replaceable unlike most JDM motor swaps which can be problematic to source parts quickly and conveniently
  • Compared to most turbo setups, installation is easier and maintenance time is reduced
  • Because supercharger whine is awesome

The KA24DER.com kit is intended for 91-98 Nissan 240sx's with the DOHC KA24DE engine. The kit is not guaranteed to fit ABS-equipped models due to supercharger inlet elbow placement inevitably conflicting with the ABS unit.

Who Will Benefit
A supercharger kit is not for everyone, but on the flip side, nor is a turbo kit. Below are some of the platforms we believe the supercharger kit would be advantageous towards:

  • Daily drivers
  • Drifters
  • Autocrossers
  • Road racers

Typical Gains
Dyno SheetAt 10 psi, we recorded 255 wheel horsepower and 249 ft.lbs. This is an estimated 120 horsepower increase at the wheels compared to stock. But like anything else, there are many variables that come into play. Results may vary depending on motor condition, compression ratio, pulley used and resulting boost level, ecu tune, type of cams used and if headwork is done, exhaust system setup, gasoline used, elevation, dyno utilized, etc.

What the kit includes

KA24DER.com Supercharger Kit

The kit includes the following components:

  • 1/2" thick 6061 aluminum CNC machined adapter plate between the supercharger and stock upper intake manifold assembly; intake ports are radiused; three 1/8" NPT ports for vacuum/boost signals; provisions for stock AAC valve and air regulator; includes the stock Nissan gasket between the supercharger and the adapter plate
  • 1/2" thick 7075 aluminum CNC machined alternator relocation bracket; includes pullies, tensioner and drive belt
  • 6061 aluminum 3" intake pipe assembly setup for use of a Nissan Q45 throttle body; slip-style recessed CNC machined flange/tube assembly allowing for easy installation and access to bolt heads; 1/8" NPT port for actuator signal line
  • 6061 aluminum Q45 throttle body cable bracket (bolt-on)
  • All necessary hardware and gaskets for installation
  • Detailed installation instructions
What Else You Will Need

Here are some of the other items you will need to purchase separately or prepare for before installation:

  • Eaton supercharger from a 2002-2004 Nissan Xterra or 2001-2004 Nissan Frontier (from the 3.3L V6 VG33ER); the supercharger inlet will need to be ported to our specification and gasket matched; the bypass valve butterfly casted housing will need to be machined down to create a sufficient air gap between it and the adapter plate; the first 4 cooling fins (closest to the pulley) on the supercharger housing will need to be machined down flush if you plan on using a stock style oil filter; otherwise an oil filter relocation will be required for proper clearance
  • Infiniti Q45 82mm ID throttle body (from the 4.5L VH45DE motor)
  • The stock mafs HP/airflow potential is very limited; to take advantage of full airflow potential through the mass air, we recommend you using a Q45 mafs as its resolution and airflow limit is more suited for the supercharger kit
  • Relocation of the battery to the trunk will be necessary as the intake pipe needs to be routed in its path down towards the passenger side fenderwell (may need to cut the battery tray with a holesaw to create room for the pipe to pass through)
  • We recommend at least 370cc injectors for boost levels up to 10 psi on gasoline; beyond that, an injector upgrade will be required; you may also want to upgrade your worn out factory fuel pump with a DeatschWerks DW200 fuel pump for more safety margin as well; for E85 applications, plan on a minimum injector size of 550cc
  • Factory fuel and ignition maps will not be appropriate for the supercharger kit; we recommend either a custom ROM tune (Nistune or Calum) or purchasing a standalone (AEM, Haltech, Motec, etc.) and then having your car professionally dyno tuned; contact us through the form on the left if you have interest in having your car tuned by us or a recommended professional
How To Purchase

Currently Out of Stock
We are currently out of kits but will restock soon. Keep checking back for updates.

The total cost (included shipping) of the KA24DER.com kit is $950.


Terms & Conditions

KA24DER.com warranties only the items they manufacture for 1-year from the purchase date. This covers defects or flaws yielded under normal circumstances and under our intended use/operation. We assume no liability or responsibility from persons or property injured or damaged due to installation and use of our products and also accept no responsibility from material/content listed on this website. Any legal action taken against KA24DER.com shall be governed by that state of North Carolina and its inherent laws.

Use of our products on a vehicle driven on public roads may not meet the legal requirements and it may also adversely affect the reliability of your vehicle, insurance coverage and factory vehicle and OEM parts warranties. We reserve the right to refuse warranty replacement/refund/return based on inspection and consideration of the terms above and below.

KA24DER.com reserves the right to make changes to this website and its terms at any time.

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